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Candle Carving

Candle carving is a rewarding and thrilling craft that everyone enjoys. It often starts with the basic learning of candle carving techniques and leads to a creative career from home. This art offers a wonderful opportunity to people to earn profitable income at the comfort of their home.

The art is interesting to learn but requires quality time, patience, and a strong vision. If a person has all these in hands, then learning becomes easy and interesting. For people who wish to learn this art there are professional workshops and certified candle carving course in Mumbai. Apart from this there are certificate diploma candle carving courses in Mumbai that provide a vast learning of how to carve candle and candle carving tips.

These hobby classes offer both the basic and advanced course that can be used both personally and professionally by the learners. Candle carving for beginners can be simplified with the basic techniques, tools, ideas, and tips.

The most required candle carving tools are stencils, paper, masking tape, beeswax pillar candle, graphite paper, wax, dye for wax, and linoleum carving tool. Using these tools one can easily make fascinating carved candles.

To make carved candles first carve a design on the candle using the stencil or any kind of design paper. Then melt the wax in a double boiler, add the desired color and stir till wax and color completely blends. After that dip the pillar candle into the colored wax using tongs. Let it stay there until the outside is fully coated with the wax. Allow the candle to cool for about an hour and then it will have the color blended with the wax.

Once the color is set place the stencil on the graphite paper and stick both to the candle using a tape. Ensure that the graphite paper is on the inside and then trace the desired design onto the candle. Then using the carving tool cut the design into the top layer and brush off wax shavings. Last, fill carved out spaces with colored wax. Remove the masking tape when the entire design is carved and carved areas are filled with wax.

This makes a fascinating carved candle. Try one or enroll for a good candle making class.

Candle Carving classes in Mumbai - Andheri Tel : +91 - 9821727500

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