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Lamasa is a form of Spanish kitchen artwork that involves the use of dough to decorate ordinary items. Besides decorating, lamasa creations give utility to the items that would have otherwise being thrown away. It is derived from the two Spanish words “La masa” that means “the dough”. The dough is similar to the sugar dough used for icing the cakes.

Lamasa craft can be used to create various items such as lamasa flowers, name plates, napkin holders, mobile phone stands, photo frames, baskets, and labels for storage jars. The items can be painted to make them colorful or can be left as it is. They can be hung on the walls, displayed on the center table of the drawing room, or pasted on the article. These simple yet amazing creations give an artistic look to your surroundings.

The most amazing aspect of this artwork is that the dough is simply a mixture of plain flour, salt and water kneaded with other ingredients like corn and lemon juice to create aesthetic things. Lamasa art provides ample scope to explore ones creativity with minimal effort.

If you are interested to learn this simple yet beautiful artwork, then you can look for any art and craft hobby classes in your vicinity and inquire about lamasa classes. These classes are found across the country. Kids will also find it a fun activity. They can create designs for their ordinary-looking pencil stands, cupboards, or for the plain room walls. During vacations, many lamasa experts start classes especially for the children. Generally, the punch line of the advertisements of such classes is “learn lamasa workshops for beginners”. You can make your child join the class. This way he will not only enjoy his time but will also learn something useful.

In how to make lamasa classes, you learn about the ingredients required, the method of making the dough, tips to make the dough with the right consistency, how to color the dough and store it. Then, you learn how to cut the dough as accurately as possible to create desired shapes. This is following by pasting the shapes on the articles. Finally, varnish them to add a shiny touch.

If you are interested in taking lamasa artwork as a profession, then you need to join any of the professional certified lamasa course in Mumbai. You can also take up any certificate diploma lamasa courses in Mumbai.

Lamasa making classes in Mumbai - Andheri Tel : +91 - 9821727500

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