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Sugarcrafted Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake decoration is equally important as making sumptuous cakes. Decorating a plain cake makes it look more appealing and tastier. Sugarcraft is one of the techniques for decorating cakes. Sugarcraft is an art of using sugar and its compounds for making sugar sculptures. Sugarcraft is different from a simple cake decoration technique. Sugarcraft creates three-dimensional sculptures whereas simple decoration techniques involve creating pictures by icing the dots.

Stain Glass Cake
In sugarcraft decoration, you can use sugar flowers, also called sugarcraft flowers, for decorating your cake. Sugar flowers are porcelain-like flowers made of sugar and gum paste. They are also known as pastillage flowers. As these flowers are non-porous, you can dust and paint them. These flowers remain intact in freezers and have a long shelf-life.
Sugacraft Burger Cake
Stain Glass Cake
Sugacraft Burger Cakes

Remember that sugar flowers are not only used for decorating cakes, they can also be used to embellish gifts. It is easy and fun to make sugar flowers,

Given below is a brief description of how to make sugar flowers.

Take a rolling pin and coat it with a little amount of corn starch. Now, use the pin to roll the gum paste or sugar paste on a clean surface. Next, to make the stem of the flower, take a small piece of wire that looks like a stem and cover it with a green tape. Then, to make the center of the flower, take a small piece of gum paste and give it a cone-like shape. Now, wrap it on one edge of the covered wire.

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Next, to make flower petals, use a flower cutter to cut the rolled gum paste into three or four pieces. As far as possible, try to cut the pieces into equal sizes. Next, take each piece and carefully mold it at the center of the wrapped wire to make a complete flower. Finally, stick the flower on a piece of foam and let it dry.

Sugar Craft Handbag Cakes
You can also learn sugarcraft by attending any sugarcraft class in your vicinity. If you want to begin with simple cake decoration techniques, then you can attend programs, such as cake decorating ideas for beginners. These programs mainly demonstrate the procedure of cake icing for beginners. Moreover, if you are interested in learning cake decoration, then you need to join cake decoration classes.

Edible Lace Cakes
In case you want to take up sugarcraft as a profession, you first need to join professional certified workshops and sugarcraft course in Mumbai. Besides, there are many certificate diploma sugarcraft courses in Mumbai which you can opt for.
Edible Lace Cakes
Sugar Craft Handbag Cake

Sugarcraft classes in Mumbai - Andheri Tel : +91 - 9821727500

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