Art and Craft Classes in Doha

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We offer several courses in hobbies and craft in Doha, Qatar. Our art and crafts are wonderful creative Things for kids to do after school in Doha.

Conducting ART AND CRAFT workshops for children (7 years n above)

Children can learn interesting hobbies, art, and crafts from our workshops :

1. Designer card making : The skill of designer card making is a niche skill that sets you apart from those who work on usual card making. Designer card making does not always require materials of high cost. You can use your innovation and make pop-up, scenic cards or fancy designs that suit various occasions. We conduct workshops for kids above 7 years for designer cards in Doha, Qatar.

card making
card making for kids
Learn card making for Ramadan
Learn card making for Ramadan
Easy designer cards
Easy designer cards
designer cards
designer cards
paper quilling cards classes
paper quilling card for Eid

2. Bow making: Bow making has transitioned from a small craft activity to a professional skill that is pretty much in demand. Online and offline businesses offer gift packing and hampers that are tied with bows. Bows are made of satin, cloth, wool and several other materials. Your kid can easily learn and master this art quickly. We conduct workshops and classes for bow making in Doha, Qatar.

box making classes in doha
Learn creative box making

3. Paper Quilling: can be creatively applied to various objects like greeting cards, jewelry items, show pieces and so on. The quilling papers occur in wide range of colors, thickness, and types of paper. Thus, this skill can help you create various miracle items. We conduct paper quilling classes workshops in Doha Qatar for children who are 7 years or above.

paper quilling ideas

4. Making decorative accessories : This involve a lot of items that are made of various materials. Thus it could be pen holders, decorative lamps, lanterns, photo frames and so on. These are made of items like paper, clay, and other items. You can create these items during your vacations or on special occasions and festivals. You can even create these items and gift them to your dear ones. You will love to attend the kids workshop for learning this skill.

5. Decoration paper bags : As the message of environment conservation has spread far and wide, the use of plastic bags has reduced drastically. They have been replaced by paper bags. These bags can be created in various shapes, sizes and colors and by using different types of papers. They are also ideal to carry gift items. We teach kids in Doha the art of paper making in special workshops conducted for the same.

paper bag making in doha
learn to make paper bags in interesting shapes

6. Decoupage : Paper art appears at its best in decoupage. You can decorate any object of your choice by cutting out combinations of colored paper that is cut in attractive shapes to create attractive designs. This is not very complex but requires precision and practice to make it look perfect. We conduct workshops on decoupage to master these skills.

decoupage in doha
Children and ladies can learn the art of decoupage

4. Shoe painting : Wearing the pair of shoes that carries your mark of art on it is indeed a great moment. Simple plain shoes can be transformed to colorful ones by painting. However, you need to know some basics about the compatibility of the shoe fabric and the type of colors that suit it. There are various types of colors available nowadays and hence the task becomes interesting. We conduct shoe painting workshop, courses or classes in Doha Qatar for children aged 7 years and above.

5. Paper crafts : If you are interested in craft work, paper crafts is the perfect choice for you. Creating various objects with plain white or colored paper is a great skill. You can utilize your complete creativity in this activity. These paper crafts not only make great show pieces but some of them can be useful too. Thus you can make flower vases, lanterns, holders and so on. We conduct paper craft workshops for kids where they are taught these skills.

paper crafts classes
paper crafts
learn interesting paper crafts
learn interesting paper crafts
punchcraft classes Doha

N lots more



The following list provides a brief description of the various activities and the way we conduct them:

Paper quilling:
learn paper quilling
It is an excellent art form that involves artistic use of papers to decorate or create cards, albums, jewelry and other items.
We conduct paper quilling classes, workshops and courses in Doha, Qatar for students and working people too.
Sospeso trasparente flowers:
This is volume decoupage or creating a special object.
sospeso classes doha
sospeso classes doha
sospeso classes
Learn this special art by enrolling at our Sospeso Trasparente flowers workshops and classes in Doha, Qatar.
Mulberry flower making:
This is a specialized type of flower making art that involves making various types of flowers like roses, tulips and others from mulberry paper. Get in touch with us to learn mulberry flower making in Doha. We conduct mulberry flower making workshops /classes for all ages.
Calligraphy Workshops:
Calligraphy is the visual art related to writing by using intrinsic designed letters and numerals. Contact us to know more about Calligraphy Workshops courses in Doha, Qatar.
Designer box making:
designer-box-making1 designer-box-making2
designer boxesdesigner box making
This is an upcoming trend. You can create attractive boxes of various types like sweet boxes, jewelry boxes, boxes for gifts and chocolates and many others.We conduct designer box making courses and workshops in Doha and Qatar.
This is an art where an object is decorated with colored paper cutouts with a combination of paints and other special effects. Contact us for Decoupage course in Doha, Qatar.
Fancy gift wrapping and packaging:
This is an artistic hobby and has evolved with the stunning styles to wrap gifts and other items. Learn these specialized arts by joining fancy gift wrapping and packaging classes in Qatar.
Designer flower making:
Designer flowers can be used to decorate robes or as showpieces. We conduct flower making courses, workshops in Doha, Qatar.
Designer Card making :
designer card making
designer card making1
Designer cards are greeting cards that are specialized, customized or personalized. You can have greeting cards for festivals, special occasions or general cards. You can use effects like 3D effects by using various objects to create special effects. You can create these cards or buy them.
Stamp o scapes
how to do Stamp o scapes
cards are beautiful cards that are designed by using rubber stamps that give beautiful prints. The rubber stamps may be mounted on cushion or wood and carry various designs that can be imprinted on the card.
We have been running classes from last 10 years in India.
Now we are also introducing art and craft classes in DOHA QATAR.
Our Classes , workshops, courses in Doha, Qatar:DECOUPAGE
Hobby is an activity that is pursued for interest or pleasure. A hobby can be pursued during leisure occasionally or regularly. Sometimes a hobby is pursued with so much passion and fervor that it is taken up as a profession. Hobbies may comprise of outdoor activities like trekking, adventure sports, outdoor sports or it may comprise of indoor activities like creative art, music, crafts and many others. Nowadays off beat activities like decoupage or fancy gift wrapping and packaging have also become trendy options as hobbies. In today’s busy and hectic life, taking up a hobby has become very significant.
These hobbies are excellent after school activities for children in Doha Qatar. This provides a source of recreation for the individual and is one of the best ways to reduce stress. You can take up a hobby based on your natural inclination for a particular activity. For example, you may have a flair for drawing and may be good at strokes and sense of color combinations or you may have an in born talent and affinity for a particular sport activity or music. Similarly, an activity can also be developed as a hobby by obtaining a systematic training from a professional.
These experts from various domains conduct hobby classes and you can pursue one that interests you.If you are a busy individual you may even consider attending a workshop for a day or two. For example Calligraphy workshops or paper quelling workshops. This triggers your interest in that skill and also gives you a fair idea of whether you are genuinely interested in that activity.

Hobby classes can be taken up by children as well as by adults. Nowadays, there are innumerable varieties of hobby classes that are conducted on weekends, vacations and on regular basis as well. Some are of short durations while some can be pursued longer if you want to gain expertise in that activity. The flexibility of duration and timings enables children and working professionals to take up these activities by balancing their busy schedule.