Block Printing classes in Mumbai

Block printing is an exciting and beautiful form of art. It is an art that attributes to dying and coloring a fabric with an exciting range of colors and designs. India is undoubtedly considered as one of the largest manufacturer of block printed fabric because the country is known to be a home to many artistic people. Most of such arts are performed by known artists of the country with their magical hands. We conduct classes, training, workshops in Mumbai, and Also Doha Qatar for those who want to learn block printing.

block painting classes in Mumbai The history of block printing dates back to about two thousand years ago. It is known to be introduced in China where there is much freedom of artistry and creativity. The earliest example of this wonderful art is still preserved in the British Museum. From China, the art then journeyed through different countries and carved its own niche.

Block print art is done using wooden blocks or linoleum and block printing ink. Using these tools a wide range of designs can be created on different types of fabrics. Some of the most popular types are direct printing, resist printing, and discharge printing. Direct printing is a type in which the fabric is printed and then the desired color is dyed onto the fabric. In the resist type block printing on fabric is done with a mixture of clay and resin that is used to cover the areas that are to be protected from coloring. Then the fabric is dyed and a rippled effect is created in the protected areas. Then there is discharge printing in which after dying color is removed from the desired area to be filled in by different colors or designs.

Apart from wooden blocks, people even use rubber and potatoes for block printing. Variety of designs like canvas prints, floral prints, animal motifs, scenes from nature, abstract, and whimsical designs create some of the most beautiful block printing designs.

If you love this, you can learn how to block print in hobby and professional classes. There are many short-term courses and classes to learn how to block print for beginners. Professional certified workshops block printing course in Mumbai and certificate diploma block printing courses in Mumbai are professional courses to help you get a creative career at home.

An interesting form of art can take you way ahead in your career. So, if you have a creative mind and if you wish to learn the art, go ahead and start your career with block printing.