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Learn how to decorate cakes, We conduct cake decorating classes in Doha Qatar.


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Some of the techniques that give shape to your cake decorating ideas are cake icing, sugarcrafting and the use of fondants. These techniques can be used for complex and simple cake decorations. Cake icing is a technique that involves the use of icing. Icing is a sweet, shiny covering made of sugar, water, and other milk products to decorate baked cakes. Cake icing is also known as frosting. A decorating bag is essential for cake icing. A decorating bag is a vessel that holds the icing and the icing tip together. You squeeze the bag to bring out the icing for decorating cakes.

Sugarcraft is an art of using sugar and its compounds for making sugar sculptures such as sugar flowers. These sculptures are used for sugar cake decorations.

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Fondants are sweet candies made of a thick and creamy sugar paste. To cover complex-shaped cakes, you use the cake pan as a pattern to roll out fondants.

You can make fondant curls, fondant quilts and fondant ruffles for birthday cake decorations and cupcake decorations.

Knowledge of cake decoration tips is essential for making impressive cakes, such as the icing should be of correct consistency. Consider cake flavor, texture, climate and other factors when choosing icing.

The fondants should be flexible enough to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles while covering the cake.