Chocolate making classes mumbai

Chocolate making process involves a series of steps. First, roast the cacao beans, then winnow the beans and extract the nib. Next, grind the nibs into a liqueur. Then, conch to give chocolate a refined texture. Next, temper the chocolate to make it soft yet firm. Finally, use a chocolate mold to mould the chocolate into the desired shape and size.  In case you want to take chocolate making as a profession, you can contact us for a diploma or certificate in chocolate making. For this, you need to enroll yourself in our certified chocolate making course.

chocolate making classes in mumbaiYou can learn basic and advanced chocolate making in Mumbai

Chocolates can either be made using automated machines or at home using home equipments. A chocolate lover can attend chocolate making classes to learn how to make homemade chocolates. These classes offer programs for the beginners as well as veterans. In the beginner programs, a person learns everything from the appliances needed to the key processes involved in making chocolates.
Chocolate molds are containers available in cookware shops. There are many varieties of chocolate molds, such as plastic molds, stainless steel molds, silicone rubber molds, magnetic molds, and metal molds. For making homemade chocolates, plastic molds are commonly used. Plastic molds are cheap, easy-to use, durable and strong. They are mainly used for making glossy chocolates. Earlier, metal molds were used for making chocolates. They were made of tin or copper. Now, they are no longer manufactured. Magnetic molds are used for making chocolates that carry logos. Silicone rubber molds are expensive molds.

Chocolates are being increasingly given as gifts on various occasions in decorated chocolate boxes. This has increased the demand for chocolate making at homes. Chocolate is used to prepare a number of delicacies like chocolate moulds, brownies, cookies, cakes, mousse, etc. Chocolate making recipes are easily available in cookery books and cooking websites. The common ingredients used in most of the chocolate making recipes are chocolate, cream, nuts, sugar, water, butter, and eggs. Three types of chocolates are available for the recipes. They are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. We are also conducting chocolate bouquet classes in Mumbai India