Decoupage classes in Doha

You can learn the easy and interesting art of decoupage. In decoupage, you cut out pictures and glue the pictures onto objects like furniture or home accessories to simulate painting. The final result is stunning! We conduct Decoupage classes & course in Doha, Qatar

decoupage1Decoupage is a French word meaning ‘to cut’. Historical evidence shows that the art originated in Japan and spread till England and France. The common materials needed for it are scissors, varnish, decoupage glue, and decoupage paper. You can easily find the material needed in any of the home decorating or paint and hardware stores in your area. If you want, you can easily make a decoupage paper at home. Wood is the most ideal surface for decoupage.

decoupage3How to decoupage classes start by teaching you how to brainstorm on the theme of your decoupage. The theme is decided according to your interest and the surface you want to decorate. If the surface is plain then you can take up any theme. On the other hand, if it is printed, then the theme should complement the surface print. Next, they teach you how to cut pictures neatly and as correctly as possible. Then, apply the glue on the entire surface of the object. Paste the cut outs as creatively as possible to get the desired look that enhances the surface. Some overlapping is permissible because the plain surface should not be visible. On printed surfaces, the cutouts should be glued around the print in an aesthetic manner. Finally, you learn to varnish the picture and its surface with multiple coats.

decoupage4The pictures for decoupage are generally taken from any magazine, newspaper, wrapping paper, and books. The choice of pictures depends upon themes and decoupage designs. The decorated objects can be used as a home décor item, as a gift item, or as a personal possession. Decoupage is also a popular project given during school vacations. Decoupage classes teach you how to tackle such projects efficiently in less time.

If you want to convert your hobby of decoupage into a home-run business, then you can apply for our the professional certified decoupage course in Mumbai.  In these classes, you will also learn about 3d decoupage and napkin decoupage. You don’t need any formal education as a criterion to take up the course at any level.