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A dessert is a dish that forms the part of the last course of a meal. We offer Learn professional desserts making classes and courses in Mumbai, India. Dessert is different from appetizers in the sense that appetizers are served at the beginning of a meal whereas desserts are served at the end of a meal. Desserts are usually sweet preparations of different flavors. Some people also consume fresh fruits as desserts. For many people, dessert is the most favorite part of the meal. Desserts belong to the family of comfort foods. Comfort foods de-stress the mind of individuals and makes them feel lighter and happier. Generally, unlike salads, desserts are not considered a healthy food option. Commonly-prepared desserts, available in regular markets, are high in fat content. Some of the examples are jalebis, halwa and kheer. However, delicious, low-calorie desserts can be prepared at home and are available at specific places. To prepare good desserts, always use the best ingredients such as pure flavored extracts.

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Amongst all the food items, desserts should have the most attractive presentation. This is because desserts are served at a time when the appetite of an individual is at its lowest. So, a visually-appealing presentation tempts the individual to eat the dessert. A good garnishing, with wafers, cherries, nuts, or saffron can make a dessert look even more delicious.

The dessert should carry its appropriate texture, such as the thickness and tightness of the dish. Join our courses to learn easy Indian dessert recipes.


Kulfi, popularly known as Indian ice cream, is the easy and popular milk-based dessert. Kulfi is sweet and frozen. It is flavored with nuts and cardamom. Kulfi is similar to ice cream but it is quite different also. Kulfi is creamier and softer in its texture. Traditionally, kulfi comes in three flavors, Vanilla kulfi, Pistachio kulfi, and Mango kulfi. In northern parts of India, Falooda kulfi is a preferred choice during summers. Kulfi is thought to have been originated in India and Pakistan during the Mughal period. Mughals got the idea of making kulfis from the Persians. Kulfi is a popular dessert in the Middle East countries as well. Kulfi is an eggless product. It is rich but light. Kulfi is mainly prepared from milk. The milk is kept on a simmering heat.

how to make kulfie recipeThe slow heat starts boiling and thickening the milk. This thickened milk becomes less than its original quantity and is known as khoya. In other words, khoya is a concentrated milk product. The next step involves adding different flavor-giving ingredients to the khoya. Now, the khoya is poured into cone-shaped molds have screwing lids. After pouring the khoya, the lids are tightly closed, and the molds are kept in the freezer. The molds are usually made of tin. The size of the mold is equal to the size of the portion of kulfi that will be served to an individual. Remember that before serving, kulfi should be kept out of the refrigerator for minimum10 minutes. Then, keep it under the tap to loosen the tightly screwed lid. Now, rub the sides of the tin vigorously with your hands to loosen the hard rock kulfi inside it. Now, open the tin and pour the kulfi in an appropriate dish.  You can join our classes in Mumbai where we teach you How to Make Kulfi.


Besides the look of a dessert, the way it is served is equally relevant. You need to select the correct size and design of the dish to serve a dessert. A dessert that melts should be served in a cornered dish to avoid spilling. You can also join our eggless baking classes in Mumbai.Across the world, ice-creams and chocolates are the most demanded desserts. Both ice-creams and chocolates are available in many varieties. They can be easily prepared at home. If you want to learn ice cream making and chocolate making, you can join dessert cookery classes. These classes provide you with quick easy and healthy dessert recipes.