Jolly Phonics Classes for Children in Doha Qatar

We offer training, classes and workshops for kids to learn Jolly Phonics in Doha Qatar

Jolly Phonics is an interesting fun based approach to teach kids to read and write.

In Jolly Phonics, students are taught the 42 letter ‘sounds’ of the English language, rather than the alphabets.

Children just love it and learn the letters faster.

Jolly Phonics dohaPhonics needs to be taught with a lot of patience. Beginning with alphabets phonics can gradually be blended with other words and certainly can be used to read fluently. Writing and phonics too is a good idea. Teaching the alphabet A and also the lower case ‘a’ are not confusing if identified with an apple, astronaut or other words. Along side the teacher can use the rhythmic movement or use a phrase like, ‘ants are crawling up my hand – a-a-a’. There is a need to facial expression and tongue movement so that children catch the right sound.

Such kind of dramatization relieves the children of learning in a strict environment. The idea is to get them involved and surely phonics classes increase bonding between a teacher and student. The child is aware of the various inflexions, sound effects, lip movement and tongue placing over the palate which is very much essential for clearly talking. They are able to give each word a proper accent and decode the right blends in words. Certain times ‘r’ or ‘l’ is silent and other words like‘d’ can be dominating. Hence the correct way to speak English has to be imparted while teaching phonics.