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India is also a snack-loving country. Indian starters are spicy, tangy and mouth-watering. Some of the delicious vegetarian starters from the starters menu are Samosas, Aloo Chaat, and Paneer Tikka.

startesSamosas are a triangular-shaped, deep-fried, maida-based dish that is stuffed with the aloo and chickpeas masala. Aloo Chaat is made from crispy fried potatoes dressed with coriander chutney and chaat masala. They all belong to the family of easy homemade appetizers and easy appetizers cookery. Paneer tikka is made from grilled cubes of cottage cheese marinated in pickles and a variety of spices. We conduct Veg Starters making classes in Mumbai. 

As the name suggests, starters are the first course of a meal. Starters are given to stimulate the appetite of an individual. Starters are also known as appetizers. Starters are a part of cuisine of all the countries across the world. Starters, prepared in a healthy way, belong to the category of health foods. Based on the method of preparation, there are fried starters and starters with fermented ingredients such as yogurt. Fried starters are high in calorie and generally have low nutritive value. They may be delicious but bad for health. Learn to make veg starters from our courses

Vegetarian startersStarters with fermented ingredients are made of raw fruits and vegetables. Therefore, they have high nutritive value. They are rich in digestive enzymes and hence are easy to digest. They are also probiotic in nature. They contain good bacteria that help in curing allergies and constipation. People in the second half of the century are spending a greater proportion of their disposable income on outside food than on home food. This change in lifestyle has given rise to the snack culture. Snacks are a quick munch easily available at street stalls, restaurants and even delivered at home. If you want to learn how to make party starters, you can attend our classes in Mumbai that focus on homemade easy and delicious veg Indian starters for beginners.

Chatpati Chaats recipes
Delicious chaats

LEARN TO MAKE north Indian Delhi Style Chaats or Mumbai chaats !  Chaat is a lip-smacking traditional Indian snack.  It belongs to the family of street food. Today, chaats of different tastes are popular throughout the country. Chaats are tangy, sweet and spicy in taste.
Chaat is preferred as an evening snack with tea. Chaat is a quick munch to satisfy mid-day hunger pangs. Chaat is also a favorite at college canteens, outside offices and in residential. Chaats are on the menu list of wedding and birthday parties. 
There are many chaat dishes. Some of them are common streetstyle chats and homemade chaats having delicious flavors. Gol Gappas, commonly known as Pani Puri, is a popular street snack in India. It is a ball-like, fried puri which is stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and chana, dipped in chutney and pudina water and served. Bhel Puri is puffed rice mixed with different types of tangy chutneys and flavored with coriander. It is considered to be a healthy food. It can be quickly made at home.  Join our classes to learn Delhi style, north Indian or Mumbai chaat recipes.

Papdi Chaat is an assortment of papdi and bhallas mixed in thick yogurt and chutneys having delicious flavors. Generally, tamarind and coriander chutneys are used in papdi chaat. Tamarind chutney is red in color. It has a tangy and sweet taste. Coriander chutney is green in color. It is hot and spicy. In homemade chaats, the ready-made chaat masala is used as a quick substitute for the chutneys.