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Nail extensions are a type of nail art that add a new look and new excitement to the actual nails. These are mainly used by those women who have brittle and broken nails as it gives an elegant and appealing look to the nails. These are mainly sealed at the tip of the natural fingernails with adhesive or heat treatment. There are many types of nail extension that are designed to suit different needs and desires of different women. Some of the common types are acrylic, fiberglass, and gel nail extensions. All these three types have their unique characteristics, feel, and look. You can join our nail extension classes in Mumbai.

nail extension classes in mumbai
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Gel types are composed of colored gel molded in a way to fit over the tip of the nail. The mold is hardened using the properties of ultraviolet rays and are tightly fixed on the nail tip. It requires re-filling once in every two to three weeks in order to accommodate natural nail growth. Acrylic nails are the best type nail extensions and the most widely used types in the modern age fashion world. These are basically artificial nails composed by forming a paste of acrylic powder and liquid. This formed paste is then brushed over the nail to offer a natural and clean look.

Fiberglass extensions are made of fiberglass cloth wrapped around a plastic. It offers good durability and strength that gives the extensions a longer life. All the common types of nail extensions have carved a new niche in the fashion industry. With this, many people are entering the field with a desire to learn this incredible and exciting art. Many private schools and institutes are offering customized courses of this art.
To learn nail extension for beginners there are many professional workshops, certified courses, and even diploma courses in some renowned institutes. Places like Mumbai, Delhi and other metros are offering wider options in choosing the course subject and specialization. The basic guidelines, art of designing nails, creating nail art, maintaining nail extensions are all the essentials taught by us in certified nail extension course in Mumbai.