Paper quilling classes in Doha

We conduct professional certified paper quilling classes, course & workshop in Doha, Qatar & Mumbai for people who wish to take this as a professional career and move on with complex designs and projects. These handmade craft pieces are truly expensive and can prove to be very rewarding if the artists is able to capture the minds and hearts of people around.

learn paper quillingPaper quilling art is an exciting and stunning artwork of creating decorative and intricate designs from delicate thin strips of paper. To create the final designs, first the strips are used to form coils and curled papers by wrapping the scraps or strips of paper around goose quills and hence the name ‘quilling’ came into existence.

paper-quilling3The history of this exciting artwork dates back to about five hundred years ago during the time of Renaissance. It is believed that during those days nuns on the church used to trim the edges of Bible pages to create beautiful and captivating form of artistry. Over the period of time, the art became elusive for some time but is now gaining prominence in the art world.

Work done by our student

This popular form of art is also known as paper filigree that requires a perfect combination of patience, creativity, dexterity, and good vision to create a captivating masterpiece. There are many paper quilling techniques that are used to create different forms and styles of designs and patterns. Some of the common tools required to do such a craft work are paper, quilling tools, tweezers, and craft glue.

paper quilling classesUsing these tools and a simple coil created of thin scraps of paper is further used to create a range of paper quilling patterns. Some of the most common yet popular patterns are paper quilling flowers, leaves, animals, human figures, birds, hearts, and geometric designs.

paper quilling dohaFurthermore this craft is also used for making enchanting projects like embellishing gifts, make napkin rings, decorating wreath, decorating frames, and creating beautiful paper quilling cards and paper quilling envelopes.

Paper quilling is an easy art that does not require much of skills and talents. Anyone can learn the art through hobby classes and certificate diploma paper quilling courses in Mumbai. Learn how paper quilling workshops for beginners is a common choice for many as they learn the basics of this art and experiment various styles and patterns to get the most creative art piece.