Punjabi Food cooking classes in mumbai

We conduct Cookery classes for traditional Punjabi home style cooking in Mumbai, India.

punjabi food mumbai courses Punjab is a northern state of India and is know across the country and oversees for its sumptuous, mouth-watering food. Authentic Punjabi recipes are rich and gravy-based. Punjabi dishes have a unique flavor. Punjabi food occupies a major share in the restaurants’ menu of North Indian food.
The beauty of Punjabi cooking lies in the fact that the food cooked at home will be equally delicious as the food cooked in a restaurant. Punjabi food is cooked in ghee, butter, cream and flavored with traditional spices. Some of the traditional spices are cinnamon, cardamom and cumin powder. Punjabi food involves liberal use of onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes. In Indian cities, Punjabi food is the most home-delivered food among all other cuisines. It satiates ones hunger because its main ingredients are rice or wheat.

Punjabi dhabas on highways are known for serving authentic Punjabi food. The food served here is of good quality yet cheap. The seating arrangement is simple and traditional. One should visit any of the dhabas to get the real flavor of Punjabi food. These dhabas are usually located on the highways.  One of the main features of Punjabi cookery is the availability of wide variety of dishes under different categories. The snacks menu of the state is equally tempting. It includes different varieties of kebabs, pakoras and biryanis. For the vegetarians, some of the sought-after dishes are sarson ka saag, rajma and dal fry. Even the breads have exciting options like paranthas, tandoori nan and makki ki roti. Under desserts, one can have kulfi and gajar ka halwa.