Salad Making Classes in Mumbai

If you want to learn how to make easy salads at home, you can join our salad making classes in Mumbai, India.

A salad is an assortment of raw fruits and vegetables tossed and served with a dressing. Sometimes, cooked vegetables and other ingredients like nuts, cottage cheese, and herbs are also used for tossing the raw salad. Salads are generally made of green leafy vegetables. Most of the salads are served on a bed of lettuce leaves. Salads are served cold and contain finely chopped fruits and vegetables. Salads can be served as appetizers or it can be consumed as a complete meal. Our courses teach you healthy salad Indian recipes provide you with salad recipes and recipes for dressings.  Salads are considered to be a healthy food for people of all age groups. This is because a properly prepared salad has all the nutrients that a body requires to stay fit. As fruits and vegetables are raw in its form, their essential nutrients remain intact which get easily destroyed on cooking. Moreover, raw food items have high water content. However, today many people undermine the importance of salads as an important part of their meals necessary for healthy eating. We conduct courses for Indian salad recipes vegetarian in Mumbai

salad indian recipes Salads can be consumed at any time of the day. Some of the commonly prepared salads are mixed fruit salad tossed with chaat masala and salad tossed with mayonnaise. Ensure to use a salad dressing because salads are incomplete without a dressing. Decorating salad plate is equally important as preparing a good salad. Some tips on how to decorate salads are: The salad should look colorful. Try to use fruits and vegetables of different colors. Also, give the salad a finishing touch by sprinkling chopped herbs or grated cheese. Ensure that the salad plate should not be over filled. Wash all the ingredients in cold water to retain the color of the ingredients. Lettuce leaves should be preserved in a damp cloth or bag in the refrigerator.

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