Sindhi cooking classes in Mumbai

Certificate diploma Sindhi cookery courses in Mumbai.
Sindhi food originated from Sindh in Pakistan. Sindhi food is the local cuisine of the people of Sindh. Today, Sindhi food is not only eaten by Indians but is also popular in other countries.

sindhi cookery classes in mumbai
sindhi cookery classes in mumbai

Sindhi people are inherently fond of food. Food is an important part of their culture. Especially during festivals and special occasions, varieties of rich dishes are available or cooked at home, such as sai bhaji and dal pakwan. Sindhis use a considerable amount of tomatoes, onions, and garlic in their food. Papad is a favorite tea snack of Sindhi people. In Sindhi cuisine, a number of side dishes are generally kept with the main dish.

One of the main features of sindhi cuisine recipes is the availability of wide variety of dishes under different food categories. Sindh is famous for its pickles all over the world. Sindhi people prepare pickles of almost all the varieties like carrot pickle and mango pickle.

If you are fond of simply sumptuous sindhi cooking and want to know how it is cooked, you can join our cookery classes for Sindhi food in Mumbai. In our classes, you can learn how to make authentic Sindhi food. You can also learn how to make Sindhi dishes for beginners.