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Remember that sugar flowers are not only used for decorating cakes, they can also be used to embellish gifts. It is easy and fun to make sugar flowers to decorate your cake.


Given below is a brief description of how to make sugar flowers. Take a rolling pin and coat it with a little amount of corn starch. Now, use the pin to roll the gum paste or sugar paste on a clean surface. Next, to make the stem of the flower, take a small piece of wire that looks like a stem and cover it with a green tape. Then, to make the center of the flower, take a small piece of gum paste and give it a cone-like shape. Now, wrap it on one edge of the covered wire. Next, to make flower petals, use a flower cutter to cut the rolled gum paste into three or four pieces. As far as possible, try to cut the pieces into equal sizes. Next, take each piece and carefully mold it at the center of the wrapped wire to make a complete flower. Finally, stick the flower on a piece of foam and let it dry.

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